Spring Breakkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!

18 Apr

Hai Hai,

So the Spring Break Fair has just started and I am so so soooooooooo happy to have been accepted as a sponsor!  The sim looks absolutely amazing and the quality of stores participating will make this a total shopping treat for you all.  Each store has been asked to put out an exclusive item for the duration of the fair and seeing how it is spring break themed I though why not make some teenie lil kinis out for your shopping pleasure.  They come in 12 different colors and have appliers for both your boobs and butt included which are optional of course :)

Here is your taxi and teaser of my item.

Have a great morning/afternoon/night

<3 Tayla


TP to The Spring Break Fair

My Teenie Kini

Ding….Ding….Ding….Round 2 of The Ho Depot in ON!!!!!

15 Apr

Hai Chickas,

The doors to The HO DEPOT are open!!!  The event seems to have already grown with more designers now taking part which is awesome news for all.  You will find a range of stuffs from clothing, shoes, jewelery and anything else in between for your shopping pleasure. 

I have a new exclusive out this round that you will want to get your hot little hands on i’m sure :D  As ALWAYS my item will come with clothing layers as well as all your appliers in one purchase!!  No to mention there being 12 colors to choose from :O

Here is your taxi and sneak peek at the item.

Happy HO DEPOT shopping

<3 Tay




Oooooh quick….::SUICIDE DOLLZ:: is on!!!

7 Apr

Hey heyssssss,


A new round of ::SUICIDE DOLLZ:: has started!!!!  Wewt wewt \o/

I have released not one but 2 exclusives for the event.  My first item is a belted bodysuit and the second is my ever popular shredded thigh highs….though this time I have added some frills for a touch of cute!!!

Both items have appliers for all your body parts included so no need to purchase pesky appliers cause lets face it….who likes doing that!

Here is your direct tp and a sneak peek at the items.  Happy shopping

<3 Tay



L!KE - My Belted Body VENDORFrilly Shredded Thigh Highs - VENDOR

Are you Naughty or Nice?!?

2 Apr

Hi hi!!!

Do you like free stuffs???  Do you love hunts?? Are you naughty or nice???

The Evil Bunny Hunt has just begun and L!KE is taking part \o/

There are some awesome designers taking part in this hunt and some even more awesome prizes.  Store owners were asked what kind of prizes they would like to make for this hunt and the options were “Naughty” or “Nice” and well me being me I chose NAUGHTY!!!! :p

Be sure to join the hunt group [you can do this by clicking the joiner at my store] and hop on the website for all your hints, pics and SLURLs.

TP to L!KE

My hint is >>>>  If the crown fits!!!

and here is my prize :D  Hope you like it….It was a lot of fun to make

Happy Hunting

<3 Tay


L!KE - TEBH4 Vendor


It’s that time again

24 Mar

Hola Chickas,

Yah huh….it is that time again….the ::SUICIDE DOLLZ:: doors are open and the warehouse is packed with AWESOMNESS!!!!

My exclusive item for this round is a Slashed up halter top complete with boobie appliers.  This top matches perfectly to my last Suicide Dollz item which was the “Slashed Leggings”….or of course with anything else you may wanna pair it up with.  You will have 14 colors to pick and choose from so have fun deciding!!!

Here is your preview and taxi

Oh….oh and if you missed out on the leggings I am about to pop them out in store so be sure to click >>HERE<< for your tp to L!KE

Happy shopping

<3 and junk




My Slashed Halter - VENDOR

Whats happening @ L!KE

17 Mar

Hiyas Gurls,

I know I’m late in posting this but RL work has been hectic to say the least.  L!KE has exclusives out at 2 events like RIGHT NOW!!!!  You know you wanna check them out :p


TP to ::The Ho Depot::

Firstly ::SUICIDE DOLLZ::  is on again (has been going for a week already….I knowwwwwww, I been slack and may need a spanking)!!!  Anyways I have some slashed up leggings…and I mean slashed (front and back) available there and only there so be sure to get on down and make grabby hands and stuffs.  They come with all clothing layers and appliers for your Phat/Cute azz as well as the Ghetto Booty….oh and slink feet appliers too!!!  Here is the pic

My Slashed Leggings VENDOR

Anddddddddddd secondly a brand spanking new event called The Ho Depot has hit the grid and so far has been quite successful.  I have out an exclusive for this event also which I will picture below.  Again, you will get clothing layers and Cute/Phat Azz and Ghetto Booty appliers all included in your purchase cause I am awesome like that…haha!!!

My Nylon Corset - VENDOR

Anyways…..enough of my blah blah blah….and take the taxi’s and get to shopping!!

<3 Tay


Get your purses ready ::SUICIDE DOLLZ:: is OPEN!!!!

24 Feb

Hai Gurls,

SUICIDE DOLLZ is open again for yet another brilliant round!!!  If you havent already had a chance to get there dont waste any more time and take the TP below.  They have had to expand due to more designers wanting spots which is awesome news for you….maybe not so awesome for your pockets…lol

Anyways…..this round I have 2 new items out…..Firstly a high waisted skirt that comes in 6 solid colors and 6 leopard prints and secondly some torn up thigh highs in 3 different color packs.  Both items come with appliers for Luck Inc’s Phat and Cute Azz and I have also made appliers for the Ghetto Booty by Ulukie…..oh and the tights do have slink appliers too!!!  Dont stress if you dont have any of the body “enhancements” cause you can wear them without!!!

Here is your taxi and sneak peeks at the items :)


<3 Tay xxxxxx


Unzip me Skirt nice

Shredded Tights - VENDOR



Slinky…Slinky everyone loves a Slink…..erm Slink Appliers that is!!!

21 Feb


So I have been kinda, sorta, somewhat not around all too much….but, that doesn’t mean I have forgotten about all you awesome peoples <3

I DO however have a lil somethin somethin that all you ladies that L♥VE your slink hands and feet as mush as I do will well and truly enjoy!!!  I have just popped out in store my first set of slink NAILS \o/  I do have some more on the way too so keep an eye out :D

If you haven’t had the chance to get Slink hands or feet yet and want them here is your taxi >>> SLINK

Now once you have them be sure to grab the taxi to L!KE and make your nails all purdy like :p

Here is your preview….I hope you love them <3

TP to L!KE

Beyond the Galaxy NAIL Vendor

Get ready to Hunt…..Hunt for your inner SLUT, that is!!!!

15 Feb



Its that time again…..yet another installment of Suff Lockjaws extremely successful hunt, HYIS.  The hunt officially starts on the 15th of feb which is less that an hour away!!  You will find all sorts of naughty goodies from clothing to poses and everything in between as you search stores for the famous golden cock!!!  Mhmmm, thats right, the hunt item is a golden peenoir.

As always it is a free hunt and there are some awesome stores taking part so be sure not to miss it :D

Here is my hint and pic of my item :)

TP to L!KE

Hint: How about a good ol fashioned Titty Fuck?!?




1 Feb

Hiya Peeps,

Just a quick post to let you all know that the Be My Busty Valentine Hunt2 has just started.  So grab your bff’s and take the limo below to get your hunt goodness.  The BMBVH2 is all about “implant” friendly items so if you have the goods be sure to get your hunt on.  I have a super adorbs lingerie set out for the hunt and along with appliers for your bewbs, my item also has L.inc Booty Appliers too \o/

Here’s your cab and pic of my item.  I hope you like and enjoy the hunt <3

Oh and my hunt hint is “We should all lead a life of glamor”

TP to L!KE


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